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Advertising & Promotion

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2½ hours 

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3 hours

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Advertising, Promotion, Marketing

Advertising, Promotion, Marketing

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Advertising and Promotion Training Workshop
Effective training will you & your staff...

Event Description

This webinar will give you the knowledge and skills you need to identify the best methods of promotion for your business and to produce an advertising plan to boost sales.

What to expect from this webinar

Understanding how advertising & promotion work for your business.  When is the optimim time to get the best returns.  also what can you do on a budget.

This webinar would suit growth and start-up businesses.

This session will cover

Assist you to:

  • identify what and where the markets are for your business
  • describe the key ingredients for a successful advertisement
  • list the cost benefits of using different ways of advertising
  • identify the best medium for your business
  • evaluate the benefits of setting up a website for your business


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