Business training gives real returns!

What is the true ‘value’ gained from learning? Training to give a real return on investment – Imagine learning something really significant for your business just once and then being able to utilise it every working day, perhaps several times in a working day.  This is why training is so worthwhile and you get real […]

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Digital Connections - Digital Networking Scotland

Digital Networking for Business Growth in 2024

Business networking needs to be effective and efficient You need to connect and engage with your associates, business partners and collaborators.  Think about connecting with these businesses that already have a track record of offering great products and services as well as being good networkers.  They will help drive business your way but remember this […]

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Social media is all about reach…

Your target market is out there… somewhere… If you are trying to sell a service or a product to a defined audience, how do we get in front of them?  We need to try to anticipate the profile of these potential customers i.e. their demographic profile.  Perhaps think of what you have for them and […]

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Learning to Blog…

Be a ‘thought leader’ in your own industry Blogging is the modern method of newsletter distribution, but it is much more than that… It involves content*, targeted marketing, subscriptions, and specialised advertising and promotion. Blogs will increase your visibility and your opportunities. By exhibiting your knowledge, they will increase your profile and credibility. Becoming a […]

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Digital First, Digital Connections, Online Presence

Digital First Strategy

Why a digital first strategy is fundamental today? As a result of the Covid -19 pandemic, diminished or nonexistent sales were experienced by the vast majority of organisations. Numerous companies had downsized their workforces or required employees to work from home, radically altering their corporate operations. In addition to survivors, there have also been thrivers. […]

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