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Business Networking

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2½ hours 

Online (Zoom)


3 hours

Classroom (workshop style)

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Sales & Marketing,
Business Networking

Sales & Marketing,
Business Networking

Venue Requirements

N/A (delivered using zoom)


Material Supplied

Presentation handout, marketing plan outline, marketing handouts are emailed after event.

Presentation handout, marketing plan outline, marketing handouts are given during the event.

Business Networking - webinar workshop
Effective training will you & your staff...

Event Description

This webinar will help you network more effectively by learning techniques to assist you to engage and interact with other businesses.

What to expect from this webinar

Understand the types of networks that exist and how to build your own networking opportunities.  We will also cover the benefits of networking and the all important elevator pitch.  Let’s become better and more efficient networkers by following a process.

This session will cover

  • What is Networking

  • Building your Network

  • Types of Networks

  • Benefits of Networking

  • Where to Network

  • How to Network

  • The process of Networking


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