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Half Day (2.5 hours)

Online (Zoom)


Half Day (2.5 hours)

Classroom (workshop presentation style)

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Website – E-business

Website – E-business

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Projector – Laptop – Wi-Fi

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Slides emailed after the webinar

Slides emailed after the workshop

Ecommerce Training - Shopping Carts
Effective training will you & your staff...

Event Description

This event can be delivered as an online webinar or in-person workshop.  It will demystify what e-commerce is and best practice used today.   A local business really can have an international presence or can use their shopping cart and physical shop as an omnichannel solution.

What to expect from this webinar

This workshop will be delivered by demonstrating how businesses can effectively use e-commerce including best practice examples.  It will showcase some of the most popular e-commerce solutions available today.

Order fulfillment and customer experience (CX) are also important factors in the design of your website and shopping cart.

This session will cover

  • Introducing E-business as a strategy
  • Popular shopping cart solutions
  • Configuration & customising
  • Payment systems
  • Order fulfillment
  • Identifying issues such as abandoned carts
  • Additional must have e-commerce plugins
  • Best practice tactics
  • Understanding the latest omnichannel opportunities


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