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Diversify to Grow Your Business

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Business Growth,
Income Diversification

Business Growth,
Income Diversification

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Business Diversification
Effective training will you & your staff...

Event Description

Diversification is a growth strategy that involves entering into a new market or industry – one that the business doesn’t currently operate in – while also creating new products for that new market.

What to expect from this webinar

A comprehensive understanding of how to expand by using of various methods for business and income diversification.

We are going to reveal the various strategies that a company can implement in order to either thrive and grow to the next level or perhaps survive during a period of economic downturn.

In this workshop you will learn...

If you know how and when to diversify, you may open up new markets for your company or shield it from potential threats:

  • Strategy for Diversification
  • Business Diversification Types
    • Market Penetration
    • Market Development
    • Product Improvement
    • Product Development
    • Income Diversification
    • Revenue Optimisation
    • Cost Optimisation
    • Partnership Growth
  • When to diversify
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Business model canvas


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